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EPDM – Flat Roofs

If a flat roof is leaking and can’t be repaired or is at the end of its life-span we will strip the covering off and if needed re-board and insulate, then cover with a water proof membrane.

E.P.D.M.(ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber) is a great material for flat roofing. Both Government and the International Kyoto Ecology agreement recommend it as best value sustainable eco-sound roofing.

E.P.D.M. has the benefit that it does not pollute the run-off rainwater, which is of vital importance if the house owner wishes to collect rainwater for gardening. The material is highly U.V. resistant,permanently flexible and very long lasting.We offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on newly installed E.P.D.M. roofs. We install Hertalan http://www.hertalan.co.uk and Trade E.P.D.M. www.trade-epdm.com hertalan logologo-trade (1)hetallandownload



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