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Manchester Green Roofs

At Esk Roofing we can create you a green roof on flat of pitched roofs of any size, from home to shed, garage or communal building.

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Green roofs are a great way to increase the interestĀ  of views, manage storm-water run-off, increase the insulation properties of a roof and provide a habitat for bees and butterflies.

Green roofs are also known to increase the life-cycle of the roof covering due to the greening protecting the waterproof membrane from U.V. rays and extreme weather conditions. Some literature suggests that installing a green roof can double the life of the water proof membrane.

We can create simple lightweight sedum roofs or more intensive and natural wildflower, herb and grass roofs. Or if your roof space is not on show then why not get a brown roof and let it self colonize over time with wind blown seeds from the local area.

We install Opti-green,Grufe tile and self made systems depending on size, use of building and location.


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